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Working from home this past year and a half has really taught us that a home office is important! Having a space for you to be able to focus, get work done and be productive is key. We also recognize this may be a shared space with your family. So we have put together some our go to applications to reorganize an office.

Rearrange the Room

Sometimes just moving items into a new space allows for your creativity to start rolling. When we rearrange a space we are cognizant to make the space accessible and functional. It also helps that when we rearrange a room we 1) see the space in a new light and 2) find that pen hidden behind a desk 🙂


We understand this space may be more than an office – maybe its a playroom after 5 p.m. or part of your mudroom. With that in mind, setting up a system and designating a space for each function is important. We love to see each family member have a space – maybe that is a bin, a shelf, a drawer – labeled for them and a place they can put their things. With multiple people using a space, labels remind everyone where they can find items and where to put them back 😉 To improve organization, you need a system where everything has a place and to build habits to return items back to their place. Then your space will be EASY to tidy and over time the system will become a habit!

Break up the projects
The entire room rearrangement does not need to be done in a day. We recommend making a priority list – what can I do in this space so that I can be able to work in it tomorrow? Can I break up my projects over the course of a weekend so that it isn’t overwhelming? Can I get assistance to support me on a major project? These are all great questions to ask yourself. Know that it can be a process – and sometimes that’s a good thing! You can make the space evolve to serve you.

For more organizational solutions, be sure to read our other blog posts, and we are always available to meet and consult on a space for you. To learn more, check out

October 4, 2021

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