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New clients start with a 45 minute Discovery Session. This can be in person, over the phone or video chat. We'll talk through your goals and needs as you share your space. You'll take away an organization strategy, product recommendations and an understanding of how we can work together to make life easier!

We want to offer you VALUE right from the start! When you book a Discovery Session, we come prepared. Your session will be with our owner, Meghan, and she researches ideas based on your intake form to anticipate your needs and craft follow-up questions. While we're talking during the Discovery Session, Meghan will share layout ideas and product suggestions to give you a full picture of the expertise we can offer and plenty of ideas for you to take away.

You can expect a lot of movement. Once we have some goals for your space, your organizer will start to sort, categorize and shift items to set up your space for optimal functionality. We'll share our process and tips as we work. At the end of each session we can take one carload of donations and leave you with optional homework if you’d like to continue our progress afterwards or work on your own in between sessions.

You're starting this investment of time, energy and money on organizing and it can be done on any budget. We're familiar with a variety of products at different price points or we can get creative with what you already have. Paying extra for products is not required to have an organized space.

It’s not necessary for you to clean or tidy up before our session. In fact, we’ll do better work if you share ALL your mess, needs and goals. Your authenticity and humility in asking for help is how we’re going to transform your stress and clutter into JOY and GRATITUDE.

It varies! Longer sessions are an option for bigger projects and/or shorter deadlines. A small pantry may take only one session (3 hours), while a whole house might take five or more sessions. I can give you a rough estimate at the Discovery Session. We can also plan one session at a time so you can make your own progress in between sessions and budget accordingly.

It’s up to you! We like working with clients so that you feel empowered by a space you helped create. We also know life is busy and we don't have time for everything, so we're happy to take care of tasks for you. Either way, you will be informed along the way and end up with a decluttered, organized system!

Yes. Our Professional Organizers each carry a general liability policy with coverage of up to $1 million. 

Yes! Please discuss hiring a professional organizer with the recipient to make sure they are open to the idea. Gift certificates must be redeemed within 6 months of purchase and include a free discovery session for new clients. Purchase HERE - gift cards are towards the bottom.

We definitely wipe shelves, pick up trash and can vacuum a space while we’re organizing. If your space could use organizing AND a deep cleaning, there are businesses we recommend for dedicated professional cleaning. They'll do a better job at detailed cleaning.

We value your privacy and confidentiality. Allowing photos of your space is completely up to you. We like taking “Before” and “After” pictures because you will be blown away with your results! Photos can be kept private for planning and your documentation purposes only. Joyful Spaces only posts photos with a client's permission - the goal being to share inspiration for others considering transforming their own space.

El Paso County publishes an excellent directory of places to recycle batteries, electronics, linens, paint, and about 60 other items! There is also info for disposing hazardous waste like paint, household cleaners, lawn fertilizers and fire extinguishers.

You are striving for better, stretching yourself outside your comfort zone and humble enough to ask for help. Joyful Spaces has built it's services with YOUR COURAGE in mind. Learn more about our values and what we stand for.

We believe in your potential

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