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Meet the Joyful Spaces Team

I'm passionate about believing in the potential of others and re-imagining spaces. When I started my career in social services, I felt privileged to not only create a life skills teaching program and develop community partnerships, but that I was able to help hundreds of people move toward their goals.

After 10+ years in those roles, I made the jump to making a difference with my own business. Joyful Spaces began with the vision of improving people's lives through their spaces that impact their overall well-being and productivity.

My clients are my favorite kind of people — real, messy (sometimes real messy!), complex, and they SHOW UP ANYWAY. These projects not only bring joy to our clients, but to me too. I love seeing how a transformed space can improve their lives.

Now three years in, we're growing and I'm hooked. Seeing people increase their productivity to change their life is a great reward. I consider it a privilege and a pleasure to help people organize their space for the life they want.

Meghan Jackson, Owner and Certified Professional Organizer®

“Meghan has done a beautiful job
transforming our pantry! She found


storage solutions for this family of 6!”

and comes up with helpful solutions to make cleaning easier and maintainable.”


“Meghan breaks tasks into manageable
sections so that our progress is


- google review

I believe in restoring homes and lives. Spending time with people I love, including my Border Collie/Blue Heeler, is most important to me. I want to give you back that same freedom of time spent with those you love. I'm driven to inspire you to live your best, stress-free life.

Connecting with people is at the heart of my work. It was an honor for me to serve the Deaf community in the Dominican Republic. I was struck by our ability to communicate love and hope to one another even through social and language differences. Meaningful relationships have activated some of my own greatest learning and growth.

How do you want to feel when you step through your front door? Does your space feel like you? You deserve the pure JOY of a house that feels like home! The possibilities are endless. It's my joy to help create a functional and peaceful space for you and your loved ones.

Emma Biddle, Professional Organizer

I want to share my love of organizing with you - to simplify your life. Ever since I was little, I loved cleaning and organizing. For almost 20 years as a daycare owner, I took pride in having a clean, well-organized place for children to enjoy.

About 3 years ago, my husband, my 3 daughters and I sold almost all of our possessions to travel our beautiful country in a 43-foot RV. When you have a family of 5 living in a small space like this, organization is key!

After fostering 74 kiddos in 4 different states and being an Army family for 10 years, we know the power of space and belonging. We're thrilled to be back in Colorado again, and I'm looking forward to giving items in your home designated places that simplify your life. Your possibilities are endless!

Tamiko Whittle, Professional Organizer

I find joy in bringing beauty into people's lives. My whole life, I've enjoyed organizing, decluttering, and bringing joy and beauty into everyday life (even the seemingly mundane!).

After 8 moves with my large family, I've organized over and over, finding new ways to display, organize, and enjoy active spaces with our things. I have 4 kids, homeschooled for many years, and have recently overhauled my entire outside with a large garden, complete with chickens!

I love seeing what simplifying and organizing can do — from bringing peace, clearer thinking, to even better sleep. (We all could use better sleep.) Being at peace in our space impacts our lives so much. I consider it a joy and a privilege to partner with you as we make your goals a reality together. I promise to work with you compassionately, respectfully, and with great care.

Carrie Jewett, Professional Organizer

I want you to have more time to do the things you love. Decluttering is not one of them! As a recent transplant from a small town in Iowa with my husband and two daughters, I've been reimagining a new space with my own stuff myself. When I was young, you could find me organizing my parents' home before I had my own.

After having kids, I realized — the secret is in the maintenance! Now that we have all this great access to Colorado's beautiful landscape, hiking opportunities, and Jeep trails, I'm finding that my goals have changed and I'm designing my space to fit our outdoor lifestyle.

I love helping people like you reclaim and enjoy your space for where your life is now. Maybe it's changed in some way and it needs to be reorganized to fit your life. I consider it a joy and honor to help you declutter and organize your space to enable you to pursue the life you love now.

Jessica Weikert, Professional Organizer

All of our Professional Organizers carry General Liability Insurance.

our values

We believe authenticity is how we invite grace, joy and gratitude into our lives. It is a choice to show up and be real. We bring our strengths along with our mess. Our mistakes and struggles don’t define us.

Better Together
We believe in showing up for one another. As people, sometimes we need a little extra and sometimes we give a little extra. We do our best work through collaboration and teamwork.

We practice compassion first with ourselves and then with others. When we are kind to ourselves, the people around us feel free to be authentic and connected. As a business with significant privileges, we look for ways to use our resources and skills to give back to the community.

Beautiful Organization

Style is a core part of our work because a cohesive style helps simplify the look of a space to elevate the feeling of ORDER and PEACE.

We look for inexpensive ways to balance how items are organized in a space and add fun touches like our custom labels.

We serve clients in Colorado Springs, Monument, Black Forest, Peyton, Falcon, Manitou, Fountain, Woodland Park, and the surrounding areas.

where it all started

At Joyful Spaces, we have turned this gift into a teachable process for anyone who feels stressed out and overwhelmed by their space.

Joyful Spaces started with one of Meghan's friends fighting through a divorce and working incredibly hard to hold everything together for her kids. Meghan offered to help her with housework: pick up toys, wash and put away laundry and throw out trash. This friend humbly accepted and we realized she was drowning in STUFF that was quite literally costing her time and money: re-buying things she couldn’t find and spending hours looking for things that were irreplaceable.

So we made a second date to edit and organize her house so she could easily find things. We donated carloads of stuff that she no longer needed to pick up and step over. Every space we thoughtfully organized added precious time to her busy schedule.

We lifted a HUGE burden off her shoulders that left her with more money, more time and more energy to tackle life. Meghan was blown away by the life changing impact of organizing.

We've got several services to help you declutter and organize your space with optimal functionality and style. Learn more about our Professional Organizing Services.

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