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A new school year is here and keeping track of everything can be overwhelming! Here are some organization tips to help you and your student make this transition while staying sane.

Drop Zone
For items you need to get in and out of the house frequently, set up a designated drop zone: hooks for backpacks, baskets for shoes, a bag for after school activities, etc. Pictured above are two examples of drop zone’s we’ve set up for clients. Whether you have a large or small space by your back door, a designated spot for these items helps everyone find what they need and get out the door quick!

On the left is a small nook where we added hooks for each child to hang their backpack and jacket. There are some extra hooks for mom to hang necessities, too. We also added a large wall clip for papers that need to go out the door so they can’t get lost or forgotten.

On the right is a corner of a mud room where we added cube storage to organize shoes, activity bags, hats and gloves. The bin are labels so everyone can find what they need and know where to put items back. There’s also several hooks for backpacks and jackets.

The key to solidifying any organization system: LABELS! We use these for drawers, bins, hooks, shelves, you name it! With multiple people using a space, labels remind everyone where they can find items and where to put them back 😉 To improve organization, you need a system where everything has a place and to build habits to return items back to their place. Then your space will be EASY to tidy and over time the system will become a habit!

Milestone Memory Box
Kids come home with lots of precious papers we may want to keep. A memory box is a place you can store keepsake items as your child grows through milestones. We put together this file box for a client to organize art projects, test scores, or any fun items their child may bring home.

Be flexible
No solution is perfect, but flexibility allows for you to reimagine your space to work for you as the year may change. We love a tidy house, and understand that sometimes life happens. Just remember it’s all a part of a day’s work!

For more organizational solutions, be sure to read our other blog posts, and we are always available to meet and consult on a space for you. To learn more, check out

August 14, 2021

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