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Craft Room Transformation

This basement is an artist’s dream come true!! 

We transformed this creative space by adding organizational systems. They had lots of containers and bins but no clear SYSTEM of organization. This is a great example of repurposing items you already have and recreate a space to work for you.

Before and After Photos

We spent several sessions decluttering, organizing items into bins and labeling everything. The end result was a beautiful and tidy space that will inspire any artist to create a new masterpiece.

We are SO HAPPY with how everything turned out! Everything is easy to find and put away, leaving more time for creativity and creating.

Something else we like to add to creative spaces is a bin labeled “unfinished projects.” It’s a place to put projects when you need to switch gears or tidy up and also a gentle reminder when the bin starts to get full to finish projects before starting a new one. 

P.S. Can you spot the misspelled label?! We made sure to correct it after we noticed it in the photo! Organizing is our forte.. not spelling 🙂


August 3, 2021

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edit, organize + style your space