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We've helped hundreds of clients through home organization. This blog is another way to share our passion for decluttering, organizing and styling spaces. Join us on our adventures, learn tips and tricks and take away some beautiful inspiration for your own space!


We help people conquer their clutter, and transform their space to make it creatively efficient, so you can get back to what you actually love!  Professional Organizing Services based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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In the whirlwind of life, sometimes our surroundings can reflect the chaos we feel within. For Emily*, a single mom with 5 kids, getting back on her feet was a real uphill battle. (*not her real name) After 2 months in her new apartment, she was drowning in a sea of boxes, unable to even […]

A Single Mom’s Journey to an Organized Home



Discover the positive (and lucrative!) impact of professional organizing with Joyful Spaces. Streamline operations, create positive first impressions, and pave the way for business growth. Learn how conquering clutter can lead to a more efficient and successful future.

Make Your Business Competitive Through . . . Organizing?


Organize your kitchen and pantry with these top 5 products! These essentials help you save time and make navigating your kitchen a breeze, allowing you to savor more moments with your loved ones.

Pantry + Kitchen Top Organizing Products

Tips & Tricks

Conquer the paper chaos with practical tips and a thoughtful filing system. From decluttering to choosing the right storage system and labeling diligently, transform your paper organization strategy for lasting peace of mind.

Simple Paper Filing Systems

Tips & Tricks

Understanding your organizing preferences and tendencies is the key to creating a harmonious living space. Are you the type who likes having everything in plain sight, or do you find peace in your things stored away? Let’s explore being a Stuff In person or a Stuff Out person, and how embracing your organizational style can transform any space that works for you.

Are you a ‘Stuff In’ or a ‘Stuff Out’ Person?

Sponsor A Space

The poor garage — one area that often bears the brunt of accumulating clutter for all things miscellaneous. All of that empty space becomes an easy (and convenient!) target to place our belongings that don’t otherwise have a “home” . . . in our home. A Much-Needed Project! Our latest Sponsor A Space project brought […]

Oh, Garage – “The Catch-All” Space

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