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2023 Organizing – 4 Habits for a Joyful Year

Welcome to 2023!

The ball dropped and the champagne toasts finished weeks ago.
(Can you believe how time flies?)

Now it’s time to focus the year before us . . . before it’s spring!

And yes, many of us make New Year’s Resolutions each year. Studies have shown that nearly 25% of us give up on our resolutions within the first week. And to be honest, 1/3 of us don’t make it to the end of the month.

You can make a resolution stick this time! This is your year.

No matter what, these 4 little habits will help you beat those resolution odds and achieve your goal to have a less-cluttered life.

The hardest part of any change is just showing up and being willing to do the work. Every big goal is achieved with small daily habits. Whether you tackle these new habits back-to-back or spread them out over a month, YAY YOU for showing up for yourself.

Here are 4 organizing habits we know will lead to higher productivity in 2023.

These habits will help you find joy in your spaces!

Habit 1: Make Your Bed

Do you ever wake up thinking “I didn’t get enough sleep” or “I don’t have enough time”? Before the day has even started, we’re already behind, already losing, and already lacking . . . something.

I recently read the book Make Your Bed by William H. McRaven, a retired Navy SEAL.

The premise is that making your bed each morning sets the tone for your day, encouraging you to pursue your goals.

Starting your day with a win can instantly improve your mood and boost productivity. To quote Admiral McRaven, making the bed is a “Little thing that can change your life . . . and maybe the world.”

The book is great. I recommend adding it to your reading list (if you have one).

A few morning minutes of ‘room self-care’ will have a positive impact on the rest of your day.

Habit 2: Put Away Clothes

My goal for organizing clients isn’t just a short-term transformation. Tidy spaces can easily fall back into chaos. We have all made our own clothing mounds!

For lasting change, you need a system where everything has a place, and habits to return items back to their place.

Before you go to bed tonight, do a quick sort of any piles of clothes in your bedroom:

  1. Decide what is clean and what to wash.
  2. Hang or put away clean clothes.
  3. Put dirty clothes into the laundry bin.  

How does it feel to not have those piles on the floor or bed? Even piles of clean laundry are a visual reminder of unfinished tasks. Clutter stresses us out!

A tidier sleep space helps you rest easier.

Take just a few minutes to do this each night. Your room will be EASY to tidy over time. You might catch yourself thinking “I’m an organized person!” from time to time.

No matter how your day went, you can give yourself a little bit of self-care by clearing out your clothes at night to set the tone for a great night’s sleep and a calmer morning.

Habit 3: Donation Box

Decluttering is often the first step to organizing.

If you’re not using it or don’t love it – set it free!

Less stuff means less to pick up or step over to find what you like/need.

We ALL have to do this regularly. Unwanted gifts, unused purchases, things we no longer need – it adds up over time. Just because someone gave it to you doesn’t mean you have to keep it at all, and definitely not for forever.

No one is keeping tabs on what’s stashed away in your closets but you.

Let’s take regular take inventory of clutter and let it go:

  1. Start a donation box or bag.
  2. Look for 5 items you no longer need and toss them in the box/bag.
  3. Drop off items at a donation center once a month. You might even get a tax receipt!
    Check out our donation guide for where you can donate items in Colorado Springs.

I encourage you to start small.

Need some ideas?

Here are some easy spots to find clutter:

  1. The back corner of your closet. I know I have clothes that no longer fit or love. It’s good to assess whether they need to join you in this new year.
  2. Your bookshelf. You had great intentions – it’s ok that you don’t have enough time to read everything. Donated books mean space for new joys!
  3. Kitchen cabinets and drawers. Do you need 8 spatulas? Do you have a kitchen gadget that seemed like a good idea but never gets used?

Remember, donating is not throwing away.

You’re just passing it along to someone else who could love it more than you right now. Let your items find their new happy homes!

Habit 4: Toss Expired Food

Kitchens and pantries are the most frequent areas our organizing clients ask us to organize.

We always start with decluttering by pulling out expired or stale items.

Start the new year by taking 15 minutes to eliminate expired items.

We’ve all purchased a specialty ingredient for a recipe or tried something new that didn’t stick. Clear out your pantry a make space so you can find the food you actually eat.

Plus, nothing makes me feel like making healthy food choices than a bright, clean, tidy fridge! It might help you achieve some other new year’s goals!

Start with one of these categories for a quick win:

  1. Canned Goods
    • Toss expired items. You aren’t going to eat it at this point.
    • Donate canned goods you won’t use to your local food pantry.
  2. Spices
    • Expired spices are not harmful, but they lose flavor over time. If you are unable to find a date, pinch the seasoning between your fingers. It is past peak flavor if it’s hard to smell.
    • Consolidate multiple open containers.
    • Donate unopened duplicates so they can get used before they expire.
  3. Condiments
    • Review expiration dates, especially for items you don’t use daily, like marinades, dressings, and specialty sauces.
    • These tend to live in our refrigerators longer than most items and can use regular checking. You’d be surprised how many things you’re keeping that are past their dates.

Remember, if you don’t love an ingredient, it is ok to set it free and make room for your new and exciting flavors!

We LOVE hearing from you!

How is your journey going? What things were you able to accomplish in following these habits? What did you like or what was hard about this series? We’re ALWAYS up for talking about organizing.

You are not alone in wanting to conquer your clutter! Let’s do it together.

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January 24, 2023

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