A community-sponsored program for emotional well-being through compassionate organizing sessions in Colorado Springs.

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Give relief to your neighbors drowning in emotional clutter.

Every second, a donation was made to help a neighbor on GoFundMe in 2021.

Most people want to help their neighbors who are struggling
emotionally, but feel helpless to give practical relief.

At Sponsor a Space, we help community givers make a lasting
impact in the daily lives of those drowning in emotional clutter
through compassionate organizing sessions.

For those who are struggling, the clutter is more than just stuff - it’s holding back their life.

When stuff stops being just clutter and represents pain, Sponsor A Space is here to help.

We break through emotional barriers caused by clutter.

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I really appreciate Sponsor A Space so much for coming and not judging me.  This has been an incredibly hard season, and I feel like such a failure.  

Thank you for truly helping us get back some space for my mental health and sanity.


All Spaces are anonymous out of respect of the emotional journey for that neighbor.

Thank you for truly helping us get back some space for my mental health and sanity.

Supported the Colorado Springs community for 10 years with the Department of Human Service.

Conquered clutter in over 500 organizing session through Joyful Spaces.

Coordinated the Trauma-Informed Initiative in El Paso County for 5 years.

Founder, Meghan Jackson, is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between compassionate givers and community members in need with her background as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and owner of a successful professional organizing business, Joyful Spaces.

about us

At Sponsor a Space, we know you want to be a generous community member who makes an impact on the emotional well-being of your struggling neighbors. In order to do that, you need to give them practical relief from emotional clutter.

The problem is — not only is it hard to know which neighbors are drowning in their tough seasons, you don't feel equipped to be the one to help them.

We believe that no one should struggle through emotional clutter alone.

We understand that it can feel stressful to want to help, yet feel unable to make a real difference. Emotional pain is so personal and private.

Yet while we can't fix everything, we know that Sponsor a Space provides practical relief through compassionate organizing sessions. Here's how you can join us:


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Be empowered knowing that you're the neighbor who rose up to meet the deeper needs of those in your community. ♥

By becoming a Sponsor, you are helping specific emotional well-being needs in your community. Thank you! All Sponsor payments will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt along with an update about the impact of your donation. All Spaces are anonymous out of respect of the emotional journey for that neighbor.

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Everyone deserves a space that gives them peace - a place that decreases stress, restores a sense of dignity, and empowers them to lead a productive daily life.


Sponsor A Space provides compassionate organizing sessions that deliver practical lasting relief to people with limited financial resources who are drowning in emotional clutter.

Sponsor A Space partners with social services agencies to identify needs-based candidates, then pairs them with community givers that make their sessions possible.

board Members

Crystal Erickson
Board Chair and Treasurer

In her lifetime, Crystal has never been asked to “clean her room,” because she has had the desire to live in a clean and orderly space from a very young age. She experienced the internal peace and serenity that comes from an uncluttered external world, and she believes that the work of home organization is already changing lives. She has worked in social services since 2004 in a variety of settings to include crisis pregnancy centers, a recovery group home for teen girls, a residential treatment for adolescent sex offenders, foster care agencies, and currently as the Program Director at CASA of the Pikes Peak Region. Crystal has a passion to see people live more healthy and whole lives, and she believes that Sponsor a Space will do just that.

Kala Roebuck
Vice Chair

Kayla has a variety of work experience including foster care, Equine-assisted Therapy, and supporting adults with mental and physical disabilities. She is currently working as a Targeted Case Manager for Adult Community Services. She has a Bachelors in Psychology and is a certified Life Coach. She has also enjoyed volunteering with organizations such as Stable Strides, Mustard Seed, and Tessa. Disorganization can have a big impact on mental health. Kayla has used her natural tendency toward organization to improve clients' productivity. She is excited to serve as a board member for Sponsor A Space as it is sure to bring peace to people who could otherwise not access these services.

Katie Ferguson-Glidewell

Katie is passionate about being of service to others and is honored to walk alongside individuals in order to foster growth and provide empowerment. She has a Bachelors in American Racial and Multicultural Studies and a Masters in Social Work. Her work has intersected with child welfare to include adolescent casework, serving as Department of Human Services' Liaison for the Community Mental Health Center, providing utilization management for youth in the highest levels of care, and supervising the Placement Team. In 2021, she began as Program Supervisor of Fostering Healthy Futures at Lutheran Family Services. Katie lives with her children, husband and their goldendoodle, where they are in the early stages on their own journey of creating systems to organize their busy lives!  

Meghan Jackson
Executive Director

Meghan has a passion for reimagining spaces and believing in the potential of others. She has a Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Social Work. Meghan has 11 years of experience in social services, her most formative position being at the Department of Human Services where she developed a life skills teaching program, built community partnerships, and worked with hundreds of people towards their goal of self-sufficiency. In 2019, she looked for a change and started a home organizing business, Joyful Spaces. She quickly realized Joyful Spaces was not too dissimilar from her social services experience. Sponsor A Space is the culmination of Meghan’s love of giving and supporting communities by encouraging and providing individuals with tools to develop their own peaceful and productive space.

To contact the board, please email

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We are committed to transparency and engagement to open up opportunities for community members to help their neighbors. Our blog is where we'll keep you updated on the latest news and life (and space!) transformations!

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Sponsor A Space provides compassionate home organizing sessions that deliver practical relief to people drowning in emotional clutter.

Sponsor A Space – Organizing Nonprofit

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frequently asked questions

What makes Sponsor A Space recipients different?

What makes Sponsor A Space recipients different?

For Sponsor A Space recipients, their clutter is an emotional barrier that is holding them back from self-sufficiency: maintaining a job, managing a safe home environment for children, etc.

How much does a typical project cost?

How much does a typical project cost?

A typical project costs $600. This includes
     • Two 3-hour Organizing Sessions with a team of 2 organizers
     • $300 worth of organizing product
     • A 2-hour Refresh Session one month after the project is completed. We check in how systems are working and make any necessary tweaks.

Can I donate supplies?

Can I donate supplies?

Yes! We will share supply needs for specific projects. These per-project needs will be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and our website. Please stay tuned! Due to storage limitations, we’re not taking general supply donations.

Can I help with organizing?

Can I help with organizing?

Due to the sensitive nature of projects, we cannot accept volunteer assistance on projects.

Does Sponsor A Space help spaces like the TV show Hoarders?

Does Sponsor A Space help spaces like the TV show Hoarders?

Sponsor A Space is not currently structured to assist with long-term or whole house projects.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes! Our Federal and State applications for tax-exempt status are pending. We are able to operate as a non-profit while our application is being processed. Our Tax ID number is 88-2070144.

How can I make a donation with a check?

How can I make a donation with a check?

We’re happy to accept a donation via check. Please contact us at 719-445-9877 or for our mailing address.