A community-sponsored program for emotional well-being through compassionate organizing sessions in Colorado Springs.

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Give relief to your neighbors drowning in emotional clutter.

This program is COMING SOON!
We are currently in the process of applying for 501(c)3 status.
We will be open to sponsorships once our application is submitted.

Every second, a donation was made to help a neighbor on GoFundMe in 2021.

Most people want to help their neighbors who are struggling
emotionally, but feel helpless to give practical relief.

At Sponsor a Space, we help community givers make a lasting
impact in the daily lives of those drowning in emotional clutter
through compassionate organizing sessions.

For those who are struggling, the clutter is more than just stuff - it’s holding back their life.

When stuff stops being just clutter and represents pain, Sponsor A Space is here to help.

We break through emotional barriers caused by clutter.

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I really appreciate Sponsor A Space so much for coming and not judging me.  This has been an incredibly hard season, and I feel like such a failure.  

Thank you for truly helping us get back some space for my mental health and sanity.

- Client Testimony

Thank you for truly helping us get back some space for my mental health and sanity.

Supported the Colorado Springs community for 10 years with the Department of Human Service.

Conquered clutter in over 500 organizing session through Joyful Spaces.

Coordinated the Trauma-Informed Initiative in El Paso County for 5 years.

Founder, Meghan Jackson, is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between compassionate givers and struggling community members with her background as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and owner of a successful professional organizing business, Joyful Spaces.

about us

At Sponsor a Space, we know you want to be a generous community member who makes an impact on the emotional well-being of your struggling neighbors. In order to do that, you need to give them practical relief from emotional clutter.

The problem is — not only is it hard to know which neighbors are drowning in their tough seasons, you don't feel equipped to be the one to help them.

We believe that no one should struggle through emotional clutter alone.

We understand that it can feel stressful to want to help, yet feel unable to make a real difference. Emotional pain is so personal and private.

Yet while we can't fix everything, we know that Sponsor a Space provides practical relief through compassionate organizing sessions. Here's how you can join us:


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Be empowered knowing that you're the neighbor who rose up to meet the deeper needs of those in your community. ♥

100% of your funds go toward organizing sessions and supplies. Private donations cover operating costs. By becoming a Sponsor, you are helping specific emotional well-being needs in your community. Thank you! All Sponsor payments will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt along with an update about the impact of your donation. All Spaces are anonymous out of respect of the emotional journey for that neighbor.

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