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Peaceful Pantry Organization

Joyful Spaces peaceful and organized pantry

Joyful Spaces had the privilege of organizing this pantry to make daily life more peaceful and manageable. This pantry belongs to a family dealing with significant grief and loss. Giving back to the community is important to us. Several generous community members donated money towards the products in this pantry. Joyful Spaces donated our time to turn this very cluttered space into a peaceful pantry.

At Joyful Spaces, pantries are the number one space we organize! Having a pantry that is functional and organized makes meal prep much easier! Also easily accessible snack bins help keep hangry children at bay 😉 Check out our other pantry spaces we have organized HERE.

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Key products to create an organized pantry system:


Professional organizing bins

Bins keep like items together to create clear food categories. Whether that is snacks, grains, or quick meals – bins are KEY to a pantry organization system.

We used Sterilite Large Ultra Baskets from Amazon. These are lightweight, sturdy, and inexpensive with a simple design. Now when it’s time to make a grocery list, this family can do a quick scan of the pantry bins to see which categories are running low and what items they already have.

Joyful Spaces peaceful and organized pantry



Professional organizing turntable

This pantry is L-shaped and items can easily get lost in the corner. We use turntables to make pantry corners useable and accessible.

We picked Bamboo Turntables from Amazon because they are extra large and match the wood tags we used on the white bins. These turntables rotate smoothly to make sure you can see everything in the corners and nothing gets forgotten in the back. Turntables are also helpful for the top shelf where you might not be able to reach the back.




Professional organizing baskets


Pantries often have a lot of space on the floor that can be better utilized.

We used these stylish Round Dark Grey Paper String Baskets from At Home to maximize this space for snacks, backstock items, and shopping bags. These baskets are tall to container larger pantry categories. They keep items directly off the floor. These string baskets are mostly opaque to keep the space looking tidy while you can still peak through the string to see items in the bottom of the basket if needed. 




We added our signature custom labels. These are the finishing touch for a system that everyone (even kids!) can quickly find what they are looking for and put away items in the correct spot. The wood tags are custom-made locally. Our labels are hand drawn on a removable sticker – sturdy enough for a messy kitchen or sticky hands.

Joyful Spaces pantry labels and floor baskets



Professional organizing step organizer

The last product we added is this tiered shelf organizer.

We frequently use Dial Industries MEGA Expand A Shelf in pantries. The large tiers allow for large bottles and cans to stay visible in a pantry. This particular can organizer also expands to its full width or can adjust to fit smaller spaces. We’ve found that this organizer is sturdy enough to hold a lot of weight without sagging in the middle. The white plastic is easy to wipe clean and matches the white baskets we used in this space.



We hope you take away some helpful tips from this pantry makeover to create your own peaceful and functional pantry!

We want to thank our generous donors for making the creation of this space possible. This project, along with the social work background of the founder of Joyful Spaces, has inspired us to start a non-profit called Sponsor A Space. Sponsor a Space will offer compassionate organizing sessions with the help of community givers to make a lasting impact in the daily lives of those drowning in emotional clutter. We look forward to sharing more details soon!

At Joyful Spaces, we provide low-stress organizing sessions in Colorado Springs to help you conquer your clutter, and transform your space to make it creatively efficient, so you can get back to what you actually love!

We know that you want to be an organized person who has it all together.
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August 11, 2022

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