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Declutter, Donate and Deduct

Spring cleaning and clearing out clutter can happen any time of the year! It’s an opportunity to refresh and reset your space. It’s been a long year and we can all use a reset. Organizing our spaces can help reduce stress, boost productivity, improve sleep and much more (Fowler, 2017). Where do you start to refresh a space?

Declutter, Donate and Deduct 

Decluttering and editing the items in your space is the first step towards organization! Gently used items you no longer need can be donated to a local non-profit AND you get an added bonus of a tax deduction!

I offer to take a car load of donations with every organizing session. That’s a carload of stuff you no longer need to pick up, step over or sift through. 

Here are some spaces that required decluttering for us to transform the space!

Decluttering is an important first step towards organization so you can fine tune what items belong in a space. Clutter accumulates for all of us over time (even us as organizers!) – gifts that go unused, items you thought you would like but don’t quite work out, hobbies you’ve outgrow, unfinished projects, etc. Start with what’s easy to donate/toss/recycle and making decisions on items will get easier as you get into it.

Decluttering is about making room for what matters most in your space.

Items you no longer need will help out another person through your generous, tax-deductible donation.

For additional help transforming a space, schedule a Discovery Session today!


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May 28, 2021

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