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Stylish Pantry Organization!

It is crucial to have a pantry that is functional, accessible, organized and gives you the ability to work efficiently in the kitchen. At Joyful Spaces, pantries are the number one space we’re asked to organize. Everyone has to eat – right?!

We set up this pantry for a client who just moved into a new home. They wanted to start things off right with a well organized pantry! We used some products from The Container Store to make a BEAUTIFUL, FUNCTIONAL pantry. We are THRILLED with the results.

Let’s break it down: 


Bins keep like items together in one space. Whether that is snacks, grains or dinners- bins are KEY to a pantry organization system. We used Silver Stacking Mesh Bins from The Container Store. They come in several sizes. We love the wire mesh that looks polished but still transparent so you can find what you need.


We added our signature custom labels as the finishing touch for a system that everyone (even kids!) can quickly find what they are looking for and put away items in the correct spot. The wood tags are made locally and our labels are hand drawn on a removeable sticker that’s sturdy enough for a messy kitchen or sticky hands.


Tiered shelves allow you to see all your cans and jars – no more losing the canned pumpkin in the back! These Expandable Shelves from The Container Store can be pulled out extra wide to fit ALL THE THINGS. They also expanded to fit perfectly in your cupboard. Now you’ll know when you are running low on your favorite can of soup or stop purchasing too many cans at the grocery store.


Bonus tip: A turntable is a game-changer! This isn’t pictured in the pantry, but we used SEVERAL of these Stainless Steel Lazy Susan turntables in the kitchen cabinets for this client and added one on the pantry’s top shelf to have easier access to glass bottles and vases. We love the look of stainless steel and it’s super easy to clean. Turntables are best for tall and slim items so you can access them with a quick twist of the plate.

Pull all of these elements together and you have yourself a beautiful, functional pantry!

Thanks for checking out what we’re up to!

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June 19, 2021

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