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We've helped hundreds of clients through home organization. This blog is another way to share our passion for decluttering, organizing and styling spaces. Join us on our adventures, learn tips and tricks and take away some beautiful inspiration for your own space!


We help people conquer their clutter, and transform their space to make it creatively efficient, so you can get back to what you actually love!  Professional Organizing Services based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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In Case of Emergency File Box

Tips & Tricks

Preparing for an emergency, it is vital to have important documents gathered in one place.

In Case of Emergency

Joyful Spaces Professional Home Organizing Meghan Jackson Colorado Springs

About Us

We offers products and affordable services to help people declutter, organize and style their space to bring order and peace to daily life.

Meet Joyful Spaces, Professional Organizing

Holiday Storage Bins

Tips & Tricks

With the holidays approaching, set yourself up for success and get your seasonal decor organized with Joyful Spaces.

Holiday Organization

Joyful Spaces Office

Tips & Tricks

Home office and multifunctional space organization tips from Joyful Spaces, Professional Organizing Services.

Organized Multifunctional Office

Tips & Tricks

Not the most glamourous spaces to organize but investing in these spaces can add function and decrease stress in your daily life.

Garages, Sheds, and Storage, Oh My!


Here are some organization tips to help you and your student make this transition while staying sane.

School Year Scatterbrain


Transforming spaces with organizational systems is key! Check out how we re-envisioned this craft room to be more accessible and organized.

Craft Room Transformation

Tips & Tricks

Lets get you started on getting organized with 3 ways to level up your organization!

3 Steps to Level Up Your Organization


It is crucial to have a pantry that is functional, accessible and gives you the ability to work efficiently in the kitchen.

Stylish Pantry Organization!


How to refresh a space in three easy steps: Declutter, Donate, and Deduct!

Declutter, Donate and Deduct

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