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We've helped hundreds of clients through home organization. This blog is another way to share our passion for decluttering, organizing and styling spaces. Join us on our adventures, learn tips and tricks and take away some beautiful inspiration for your own space!


We help people conquer their clutter, and transform their space to make it creatively efficient, so you can get back to what you actually love!  Professional Organizing Services based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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Springs Guides

We take out the guesswork with this handy donation guide for Colorado Springs so you can declutter AND give back to the community.

2024 Donation Guide for Colorado Springs

Springs Guides

Have items you want to declutter/trash/recycle, but can’t donate? Here is a quick guide to responsibly dispose of trash, recycling, sensitive documents, medications, and hazardous waste. We have some great community disposal resources in Colorado Springs! These places make it easy to let go of items that you no longer need or want. This picture […]

2024 Springs Disposal + Recycle Guide

Sponsor A Space

The poor garage — one area that often bears the brunt of accumulating clutter for all things miscellaneous. All of that empty space becomes an easy (and convenient!) target to place our belongings that don’t otherwise have a “home” . . . in our home. A Much-Needed Project! Our latest Sponsor A Space project brought […]

Oh, Garage – “The Catch-All” Space


Joyful Spaces teamed up with another Colorado Springs professional organizing company, The Organized Flamingo, to help out a local nonprofit: Roundup Fellowship! Helping a Great Community Organization Meet Roundup Fellowship – a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a genuine community alternative to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through their homes and community-based programs, they […]

Colorado Springs Service Project – Roundup


Colorado Springs has many opportunities to give back to the community this year! 3 feel-good reasons to get involved: 1. Few things fill us with more gratitude than helping others. 2. Service projects and donation drives are a great bonding experience. 3. Coordinating these for your office makes you the office hero! We’ve pulled together […]

16 Creative Ways to Give – 2023 Holiday Season


This image is not what you think . . . This clutter is from overwhelm and unfortunate life circumstances, NOT a disorganized person.   We have the privilege of working with some incredible, resilient people for our Sponsor A Space Projects. Sharing their stories help us all help more neighbors get the help they need. […]

Sponsor A Space: Overwhelm→Organized


Do you have a . . . cluttered, overwhelming, disorganized shed? Wish that space was actually USEFUL? And not just another dumping zone of random stuff? Your shed is just one weekend away from becoming functional, stress-free, and ready for a new season! That shed has a JOB and it should be ready to work […]

Shed Organization: Seasonal Makeover

Tips & Tricks

Did you know? There’s a professional rating scorecard for how clutter affects your well-being. Have you ever wondered: “How much does my clutter really affect me?” This isn’t just about overflowing, unsafe homes like the show Hoarders. The REALITY: Our homes are very much a measuring stick of how we live. How much we invest […]

QUIZ: What’s your Clutter Score?

Kitchen with a full laundry basket on the counter


It’s hard to know how to help someone deep in grief and loss. As professional organizers, we work with many people and families who are in these heavy seasons. But right now, we can only help people close to us through home organizing in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Loss is everywhere though. In this blog, we’ve […]

Grief+Loss: How to Offer Organizing Support

About Us

As professional organizers, we follow a simple 3-step process for tackling clutter and creating organization. We’ve worked in many spaces, and we’ve seen it all! For projects big and small, we follow the same tried and true method. Life can be a lot sometimes! Disorganized spaces are overwhelming It’s stressful knowing where or how to […]

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