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How to Organize a Pantry for less than $200

Let’s go on a journey through the world of pantry organization, where even the tightest budgets and busiest schedules can find solace in tidy shelves and streamlined spaces.

Picture this:

You’re in your kitchen, the heart of your home, and it’s buzzing with activity as you whip up culinary creations or grab a quick bite on the go.

Amidst this hub of daily life, your pantry stands as a silent hero, ready to serve your needs at a moment’s notice.

But wait! Is your pantry living up to its full potential?

It’s ok if you and your pantry aren’t jiving at the moment.

Maybe you’re . . .

Sick of rummaging through cluttered shelves in search of that random ingredient?

Or frustrated for having to hunt too hard for a snack?

Don’t worry.

With a little creativity and a dash of organization, your pantry can become a place of efficiency and charm—all without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re a home chef or a quick meal person – functioning kitchen storage is a must!

Let’s dive into this story of a pantry transformation that proves that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to achieve your organization goals.

This pantry was organized in 3 hours for under $200.


Pantries can be organized on any budget!

Let’s jump in. We’ll give you a blueprint so you can easily transform your space too.

Your kitchen food storage may look like:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Open shelving
  • Corner closet
  • Walk-in pantry


The good thing about this is that these tips work for all kinds of storage spaces.

We are going to share:

✔ our entire product list
✔ our best tips
✔ and some “what not to do” advice

p.s. We share what NOT to do – oops!

The Pantry Project

This kitchen pantry project cost a total of $157.07 and 1 Organizer Session for 3 hours.

(Sometimes our clients organize with us, but for this project, it was just one person.)

This client is a tidy person, but the pantry was a sore spot—it never seemed to STAY organized!

Key areas for improvement included:

✔  Maximizing space

✔ Creating clear organization systems

✔ Clearing out dreaded clutter once and for all

We recommended adding organizational products that helped maximize the space and created clear organizational systems for helping make this session “stick”. 


Where’d we get this stuff?

There are many options for where to buy kitchen organizing products: Walmart, Target, Amazon, or even a thrift store! Pick whichever store suits your fancy.

We got the items in the pictures at The Container Store. 

Disclosure: This posts contains affiliate links. We may earn commissions from qualifying purchases that you make from the links below. We only recommend products that we recommend and use!

Pantry Organizing Products


These specific products fit the space to create clear “homes” for different categories.

The pull-out drawers, canned goods risers, and a large turntable solved a common recurring problem:

No more digging in the back, dark corners of these deep shelves!

Tips for Kitchen & Pantry Organization

From setting realistic time expectations to embracing the power of the measuring tape, every step of this project was mapped out.


Your 3 Tips for Pantry Success

1. Our Best Friend, the Measuring Tape

Your pantry’s fullest potential can only be reached by taking measurements:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Height

Measuring beforehand helps you pick out products that are sure to fit your space.

Remember, we want to utilize every nook and cranny.

Thinking smart upfront will save you time and money for your specific pantry project, so start here first. 


2. Have Reasonable Time Expectations

It can sound exciting to knock out a pantry project and have it finished in 20 minutes, but chances are, it’ll take longer to do it right.

Even for professional organizers . . . 
the average time it takes to transform a small pantry is at least 3 hours.

It’s a valuable time investment!

Pro Tip: You may feel ready to give up around the 2-hour mark – don’t give up! The finish line is just around the corner. 

Tell yourself: “I gave myself from ___ to ___ to work on this, and I can stick it out until ___. “


3. Get Crafty with Your Budget

I confess . . .

I went to the store, planning to purchase the exact product I was researching online, the excitement was building . . . and they were out out of stock. Bummer!

The good news is I actually saved money!

Instead of using the exact clear bins I planned to purchase, I got creative.

Did you ever think you could use shoe boxes in a pantry?

Turns out—it works! Take off the lid and BOOM you have various-sized clear bins for snacks, dinner items, dried fruit, treats, and more!

Luckily I found another bin that fit the dimensions needed for this pantry. Because I measured first, it totally worked out. 

What NOT to Do

Beware the pitfalls of unfinished projects!

The first step for any organizing product is to take everything out and sort items.

(Learn more about our 3 easy steps for organizing any space: Sort, Store, Systemize?)

A problem arises when the sort and systemize steps aren’t completed back to back!

Have you ever left a project unfinished and it becomes a huge source of stress?
We can relate!

Imagine leaving all of these pantry items here at the kitchen table for a couple of days, so no one can use the space to eat.

Not a huge deal, but try not to leave an unfinished project out overnight. It’s hard to get going on another big time block when it feels like the first one didn’t end with a big win. 

Your Dream Pantry Awaits!

Nothing feels better than accomplishing something you’ve put off for too long.

✔  Get rid of expired food

✔  Save on groceries by knowing your inventory

✔  Enjoy the efficiency of your beautiful and functional pantry makeover!

Go conquer that pantry.

You’d be amazed at what 3 hours and a few hundred bucks can do for your daily life. 

Watch the video! If you’d like to see THIS pantry transformation unfold, watch our video reel HERE.

At Joyful Spaces, we provide low-stress organizing sessions in Colorado Springs to help you conquer your clutter, and transform your space to make it creatively efficient, so you can get back to what you actually love!

We know that you want to be an organized person who has it all together.
In order to do that, you need less stress from mess.

The problem is — you're surrounded by clutter, which makes you feel overwhelmed. We believe that getting your space organized shouldn't be so hard.

You shouldn't have to do it alone either!

April 5, 2024

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