Photograph Scanning

Preserve Your Special Memories

Joyful Spaces offers photo scanning of photos on an Epson FastFoto FF-680W Photo Scanning System at the highest resolution to preserve and protect your important memories.

bulk, loose 

digitized and protected

to enjoy with
loved ones

1. Schedule a photograph scanning session 
2. We help you organize your photos and collect them for scanning.
3. You'll receive an email with a link to download the digital copies.
4. We return your photos and digital copies on a USB drive.

  • Photo size requirements:
              Minimum: 2" x 2"
              Maximum: 8.5" x 215"
  • Photos need to be loose and unmounted, not in an album.
  • Photos backs are scanned if there is a date or note.
  • Photos will be digitized onto a USB drive and Google Drive for an easy download.
  • Photos will be digitally organized and returned in their original state.

how it works


- Terralissa E.

I've been meaning to scan and share these for years and just haven't had the time. Thank you so much!"

"I can't wait to share these photos with my family! 


$33/100 photos

Organizing session to sort and pick up photos: $59/hour
OR including during your organizing session.

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- Emily M.

"If we haven’t gone through these photos - 

I would have never known my grandmother won the Ozark smile girl contest in 1937!" 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to schedule a photo organizing session?

An organizing session is not required if you would like to organize, label, drop off, and pick up your photos. One thing that sets Joyful Spaces apart from other companies is our relationship with our customers and organizing expertise. Oftentimes boxes of photos feel overwhelming to organize so the task keeps getting delayed. However if have everything ready to go and just want to drop them off to be digitized, we are happy to help you out! Contact us to schedule a drop off.

How should I pack photographs?

We recommend photos be sorted into labeled envelopes, plastic baggies, or shoe boxes. Careful packaging ensures photos will be digitized and organized just as you intend. 

Can slides and/or negatives be scanned?

Unfortunately we do not have the equipment to digitize sides or negatives, we can only scan loose, print photographs. We recommend Mike's Camera to scan sides and negatives.

Can photographs be restored or enhanced?

We use scanning software which offers auto enhance, color restoration, and red-eye reduction. We strive for the highest quality conversion and double check each scan. We do not offer custom photo restorations for photos that are stained, spotted, torn, cracked, or bleached. We recommend Mike's Camera for custom restorations & retouching of photos. 

Don't let your memories keep collecting dust!

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