Professional Organizing

Whether your home needs to be decluttered, organized, or maintained, Joyful Spaces is committed to providing affordable organization services that bring order and peace to daily life. 

1. Custom labels
2. Donation items drop-off
3. Decluttering & sorting your belongings
4. Organizing products recommendations
5. Simple organizing systems to optimize your space
6. Strategies based on your goals, habits & routines
7. 'Next Steps' to maintain & continue your progress

Organizing Sessions Include:

Discovery Session


New clients start here!

This is a 45 minute session to share your space and talk through your goals and needs. You'll take away an organization strategy, product recommendations and an understanding of how we can work together to make life easier!

$49 for a 45-min session

One-on-One Session

Got a more personal project? Or want to go slow?
Book one of these sessions.

Let's tackle your stressful space together! Your organizer does the heavy lifting/sorting while you make any important decisions. We get you organized AND you learn tips and tricks throughout the process.

$210 for a 3-hour session

Team Sessions

Ready for some fast results? Book one of these!

For larger projects or shorter timeframes, two or three organizers can knock out your organizing project quickly and efficiently. Two organizers are required for product assembly/installation or when working without the homeowner. 

$420 for a 3-hour session (2 organizers)
$630 for a 3-hour session (3 organizers)

Not sure which session type is best for you?
Let's chat about it during your Discovery Session.

Sort items and declutter.
We start by sorting items and deciding what you want to keep. We often find lost treasures or money in this step!



Our Organizing Process

Give all your items a home.
Like items are grouped into categorizes. We give each category its own area or storage bin.



Simple systems to STAY organized.
Once organized, the magic is in managing to stay that way! We lock in results with a system that's easy to maintain.



Custom labels are included in our organizing sessions.

The finishing touch for your newly organized space. Hand drawn with white or black ink on a clear sticker, sturdy enough for a messy kitchen or sticky hands. 

Custom Labels

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and comes up with helpful solutions to make cleaning easier and maintainable.”


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“Meghan has done a beautiful job
transforming our pantry! She found


storage solutions for this family of 6!”

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“Meghan breaks tasks into manageable
sections so that our progress is



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We start our services with a Discovery Session which is 45 minute in-home consultation to tour your space and talk through your goals and needs. You'll take away an organization strategy, product recommendations and an understanding of how home organization can make life easier! You are not obligated to book an Organizing Session with us - those tips are yours to keep! 

What happens during the Discovery Session?

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to transform your space?

Let us help you conquer your clutter
so you can actually enjoy your space again. 
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