Moving Services

Moving and preparing your house to sell is stressful! Let's make this transition as smooth as possible and simplify the presentation of your home to maximize its selling potential.

- Decluttering and organizing
- Careful packing of belongings
- Tips for selling valuable items
- Donation & electronic recycling drop off
- Simple styling in preparation for home staging

Moving Services Include

Sorting through your belongings streamlines the packing process and prepares your home to be clutter-free to maximize selling potential. We work with clients to sort items into keep, donate, sell, and toss. This way only items you want to keep get packed, items are organized and labeled, and unpacking will be much easier. 

$196, 4 hour Session
$39/hour each additional hour

New Client Discovery Session (45 min.): $39


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"no judgment, just results"
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New clients start with a 45 minute Discovery Session. This can be in person, over the phone or video chat. We'll talk through your goals and needs as you share your space. You'll take away an organization strategy, product recommendations and an understanding of how we can work together to make life easier!

What happens during the Discovery Session?

Ready to level up your space?

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