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Joyful Spaces is a Professional Organizing brand that offers products and affordable services to help people declutter, organize and style their space to bring order and peace to daily life. We are based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Whether you need assistance with one room or your entire house, we’re here to help you meet your goals. We’ve sorted though all kinds of spaces: home, office, business, garage, storage – we do it all!

No judgment, just results.

Meghan Jackson, Owner & Lead Organizer

My favorite people are REAL and MESSY and COMPLICATED and SHOW UP anyway. But honestly, sharing my own mess doesn’t come easily. I often remind myself “COURAGE OVER COMFORT” to embrace my imperfections and live my best life. 

I have a passion for reimaging spaces and believing in others potential. It’s my privilege and pleasure to partner with people to organize their space for the life they want. 

Lisa Kuester, Professional Organizer

I enjoy finding ways to optimize the function of a space! I have two daughters under four years old and three dogs, one of them being a golden retriever puppy. I’m constantly tweaking the organization systems in my home to meet our changing needs. I love when I can feel a sense of calm and order in a space rather than stress. As a military family, home organization has also been incredibly valuable in making the moving process go as smoothly as possible.

Nicole Nelson, Professional Organizer

Each day I strive to be better than the next. I take pride in my work and enjoy giving customers a home that is comforting, clean, well organized and decluttered!

In addition to home organizing, I offer premier cleaning services in residential homes and commercial businesses through All About Cleaning. With nearly 10 years of experience, I provide humble, personalized, and trustworthy services.


We believe authenticity is how we invite grace, joy and gratitude into our lives. It is a choice to show up and be real. We bring our strengths along with our mess. Our mistakes and struggles don’t define us.

Better Together
We believe in showing up for one another. As people, sometimes we need a little extra and sometimes we give a little extra. We do our best work through collaboration and teamwork.

We practice compassion first with ourselves and then with others. When we are kind to ourselves, the people around us feel free to be authentic and connected. As a business with significant privileges, we look for ways to use our resources and skills to give back to the community.


Joyful Spaces started with one of Meghan’s friends fighting through a divorce and working incredibly hard to hold everything together for her kids. Meghan offered to help her with housework: pick up toys, wash and put away laundry and throw out trash. This friend humbly accepted and we realized she was drowning in STUFF that was quite literally costing her time and money: re-buying things she couldn’t find and spending hours looking for things that were irreplaceable.

So we made a second date to edit and organize her house so she could easily find things. We donated carloads of stuff that she no longer needed to pick up and step over. Every space we thoughtfully organized added precious time to her busy schedule.

We lifted a HUGE burden off her shoulders that left her with more money, more time and more energy to tackle life.Meghan was blown away by the life changing impact of organizing.

At Joyful Spaces, we have turned this gift into a teachable process for anyone who feels stressed out and overwhelmed by their space.

For more organizational solutions, be sure to read our other blog posts, and we are always available to meet and consult on a space for you. To learn more, check out

October 11, 2021

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